Our collection prices start at the following:   •   Weddings: $3500   •   Elopements: $2400  •   Portraits: $650




Each wedding includes the following:

- Two photographers: Eastlyn Bright Tolle and Joshua Tolle. Being a husband and wife team has become vital to this business; while Eastlyn is focusing on capturing every moment with the ladies during the pre-wedding hours, Joshua spends the entire time capturing all of the great (and mostly humorous) times with the guys. With both of us, not only are special moments not missed, but it is a lot more efficient and helps to keep the flow of the wedding day smooth. P.S. Having Joshua on this team has not only helped camera-shy grooms feel more relaxed in front of the camera, but actually enjoy the photography process. 

- Full-day wedding coverage is up to 10 hours of coverage: full day wedding coverage means that we will be there when you're getting ready and stay until your official reception events are complete, capturing all of the little and big details in between. We want to tell the full story, not just part of it.

- All post-processed images delivered to you via online gallery. Every image delivered to you is finished, without watermark, and ready to be downloaded and shared. While we don't guarantee a certain number of photos, as each wedding is unique, we can say that on average clients typically receive between 500-800 pictures from their wedding (we don't put a cap on the number though).

- A printing/digital use-rights release. This release allows you to print as many of the images as you want, as many times as you want, without restriction. It also allows you to share and use them online, with proper copyrights.


Ohio and surrounding states: Weddings start at $3500, elopements start at $2400, and sessions start at $650.

USA: We charge variations of travel expense fees for all other locations in the USA. Please send us a message on the contact form with details about the location, and we'll be in touch about the specifics.

We do our very best to work with budgets, so if money is an issue, we'd love to have an open conversation with you. Please don't hesitate to let us know what's on your heart. 

Want to adventure out of the country? We're always ready. Please get in touch for a personal & reasonable quote.

In 2018, places that we're already going (so you could save on travel expense when booking for one of the locations below):

January: Massachusetts, New Hampshire

February: Colorado

March: North Carolina

May: Iceland

June: Tennessee, Michigan

September: France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Maine, England, Wales

November: California


February: Las Vegas

August: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park

Answers to your questions

Once you've connected with a photographer's imagery, we know you have questions and want professional answers without having to wait for an e-mail response. Because we care, we're upfront from the very beginning.


How many photos do you usually deliver and what's your turn around time?

It's hard to give an approx. number of pictures as each wedding is unique and differs in length, but on average clients receive between 500-800 pictures from their wedding and 100-250 from any other type of session, though we're proud to say that we don't put a cap on it! For weddings, the turnaround time is around 8-12 weeks, but as far as we're able, we aim to deliver faster. For all other sessions, the turn around time is about 2 weeks. We know you're excited, so we posts 1-3 images previews on our social media platforms to hold you over while you're waiting.

Is your business insured and how do you protect your photos?

We have business insurance which includes liability and equipment coverage (including while traveling).

In a very rare case, you would only not receive photos if our memory cards or cameras were stolen on a wedding day or while traveling home --and that is the reason for our trust insurance through PPA. For peace of mind, we use dual memory card slot cameras, so images are being backed-up immediately. After a wedding, we back-up all images in two separate places.

Your memories are priceless to us, and we do everything we possibly can to protect them.

Do you allow a grace period before I sign the contract?

Once we send you the contract, you'll have a five day grace period to sign and pay your retainer before we release your date.

What type of photos will I receive in a wedding collection and do you use a shot list?

As each couple is unique, it depends on your wedding day. On a typical wedding day, we get the traditional group family and bridal party portraits (wherever has great light), all the little details of the day, the ceremony, getting ready candids, your reception party, and the portraits of you and your love. We do not operate off a full-day "shot list," but rather capture the moments and day as it unfolds realistically and naturally. To help with smoothness and clarity, we follow a list of family members for the family portraits, but that's the only one.

What do you mean by "Full Day Coverage"?

Full day means that we do not operate on an hourly basis, but rather we want to make sure we capture the important moments throughout the whole day. We will come while the bridal party is getting ready, but we do not go to salons. As a general rule of thumb, we arrive when the ladies are about 75% ready, images taken before this time are not the most flattering. We leave when the reception events are completed, meaning everything planned into the schedule--all the official dances, cake-cutting, bouquet/garter toss, etc., and some open floor dancing as well. We stay for sparkler send-offs if your reception is on a schedule, but some reception parties go very late into the night, and there's really no reason for us to stay that late. We can discuss your schedule more in depth when we get closer to your date.

How do we book? 

We make reviewing and signing contracts as easy as possible. Signing and payment is handled digitally though our online contract provider Agree. If you'd like to pay by check, just let us know. When you book a wedding event with us we're reserving that entire date, and will not make other arrangements for that time. Therefore we do require a non-refundable retainer of 50% of the collection price upon signing the contract. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your wedding date.

Do you require a meeting before booking?

Since we're upfront and detailed on our website, we do not feel that a face-to-face meeting beforehand is needed. However, if you'd feel more comfortable talking on the phone before signing, please just let us know in the contact form and Eastlyn will give you a call.

Do you have face-to-face meetings with clients once booked?

For us to tell your story the very best possible way, we do want to earn your trust by building a solid relationship with you. Sometime before your wedding, we do like to have a face-to-face meeting in person or Skype. This helps us get to know the two of you better, learn about what's important to you for your wedding, and break down any walls so that we're free to create and collaborate together. We LOVE having these meetings with our clients, because we LOVE getting to know you! 

Our wedding is local, but we want a destination engagement or honeymoon session, do you offer these?

YES YES! We've been so honored to photograph engagement sessions for local couples in places like the Colorado mountains, coast of California and the Silver Lake Dunes. However, honeymoon sessions are our favorite--the stress of the wedding is behind you, you're finally married, and you're on the best vacation of your life! These sessions are always SO fun and memorable. Looking back, we wish we would of had someone document our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. 

We want a destination wedding, do you offer these?

Absolutely. We want to photograph stories in locations that you love or have always wanted to visit. By choosing a destination wedding/elopement, you'll be saving on a lot of other expenses typically incurred by a traditional wedding.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

To provide the best experience for our couples, we are not able to book every inquiry. Photography is highly personal and relational for us, and for us to put 100% of our hearts into our relationship and artistry with our clients, we do not want to become overloaded. We want to work with clients that are passionate about what we do, the people that want to work with us because they connect with our style of photography and passion. If you write in the contact form "My mom is making me book a photographer" (hey, it happens!) then we probably wouldn't work well together. 

It is all about the heart behind the photos. Of course, we want to make something aesthetic, but more than that we want to make images that matter by participating in your story and being part of your family legacy. So to produce the best possible images, we like to consider us working together as a collaboration to tell your story, rather than just us, as vendors, offering a service. 

If you disagree at all, that's totally fine, but consider that perhaps we're not the best photographers for you. It's your story, and since photography is highly artisically subjective, we want to make sure you choose the best photographer for YOU, for your wedding day. It's about you, not us.

Will you keep photos offline?

Showcasing current work is imperative in growing this business and supporting ourselves financially. By sharing new content online, we can inspire others and connect with new clients who feel that we'd be a good fit for their story. We've worked the value of this into our collection prices, so if you decide to keep images offline, we charge a 25% loss of revenue and exclusivity fee to make up for its worth.

I'm a photographer, and have questions about equipment and business, do you offer mentorship sessions?

Absolutely. Please see our detailed Personal Mentor Session page here.